Dr George Androulakis

My researching multilingually experience started back in the early 90s. After a degree in Linguistics in Athens (in Greek, my first language) I continued my studies in Paris (in French) and my fieldwork involved code-switching, code-mixing and recurrent translation and translatability problems between Greek and French, as I did my doctoral research on the discourse produced in the Greek-speaking community in Paris. I taught sociolinguistics in France for two years, then I came back to Greece, where I live and work, today as an Associate Professor of Sociolinguistics and Language Teaching at the University of Thessaly in Volos, a city in Central Greece.

During my research, teaching and writing career, I constantly switched between Greek, French and English. For instance, I had to publish many teaching materials in French for the Greek Open University (I met Richard Fay on that occasion), whilst English was the usual medium of several international collaboration projects in which I was involved over the years.

At present I supervise a PhD of an Albanian origin student on her immigrant community’s bilingual discourse and another PhD under my supervision, undertaken by a Greek primary education teacher on Albanian parents’ involvement in the education of their children, has been completed in 2009. Recorded corpora for these PhDs have raised several questions about interpretation of inter-language and intercultural communication in Greek mainstream schools or about the role of the (bilingual) researcher in the setup of the interactions and the processing of the data.

Since November 2010 I am the scientific responsible of a two-year research project investigating the language and communication needs of three migrant communities in Greece (Albanian, Pakistani, Romanian) in order to design and implement specialised language materials and courses for immigrants parents which may help them for a better communication with the schools of their children. This research team includes a number of linguistic mediators with the three communities, and many issues of data management and analysis arise from this multilingual dimension of the research. Furthermore, I am the academic coordinator of a nascent research consortium on Adult Immigrants’ Linguistic Integration in Greece (MULTIMMIGRE project).

Personal webpage: www.georgeandroulakis.gr

Department: http://www.pre.uth.gr/main/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=155&Itemid=117

MULTIMMIGRE project: http://www.esske.net/Thales